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Projecting future deaths from COVID-19 cases

As the number of COVID-19 cases increases in the US and Europe over the last few weeks, some people have claimed that deaths have not increased. Indeed, Donald Trump Jr has claimed* that the number of deaths has declined to … Continue reading

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COVID-19 dynamics

As I mentioned in my teaching blog, the population dynamics practical class in our Ecology subject examined the dynamics of COVID-19 this year, rather than doing an experiment with ciliates. For part of the prac, we simulated a basic SIR … Continue reading

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COVID counterfactuals

So, there is yet another media article pondering whether Victoria’s lockdown is warranted… These articles invariably mention various countries, the level of restrictions, number of deaths and sometimes the current trajectory of cases. We’ve read it all before. The latest … Continue reading


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Anniversary Lecture at the Mathematical Association of Victoria Annual Conference

I’m honoured to be presenting the Anniversary Lecture at the opening of the Mathematical Association of Victoria Annual Conference tomorrow at La Trobe University. I will aim to show how relatively simple mathematics can be used to help understand and … Continue reading

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Writing concisely about indices of extinction risk

Edit: An updated version of the paper mentioned in this post is available at bioRxiv: http://dx.doi.org/10.1101/000760 (and now it is published: http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/cobi.12308) A post on the joys of editing science. For three years I have worked on a paper in … Continue reading

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Optimal monitoring when detectability varies – my talk at #ESAus2012

Edit: A paper based on this work has now been published in PLoS One (open access, i.e. free). doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0115345. I’m looking forward to the Ecological Society of Australia conference this week. I’m speaking in the second time slot (2:15 … Continue reading

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Royal Society of Victoria Lecture on Science for Conservation Decisions

I’m speaking tomorrow (7.00 pm, 22 November 2012) at the Royal Society of Victoria. It will be in the Lecture Theatre upstairs in the Royal Society building (entry via 8 La Trobe Street Melbourne). RSV lectures are open to all … Continue reading

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Automating reprint requests

I just attended a forum on open access publishing at The University of Melbourne where I was invited to give my perspective as an academic. I’ll probably write a blog post about that separately. This post is a response to … Continue reading

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Telling stories for science

Scientists can be poor communicators. Other scientists are excellent. What causes this difference? Two experts in different aspects of communication have recently told me that they know. And I think they might be correct. Scientists need to listen to this … Continue reading

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