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Royal Society of Victoria Lecture on Science for Conservation Decisions

I’m speaking tomorrow (7.00 pm, 22 November 2012) at the Royal Society of Victoria. It will be in the Lecture Theatre upstairs in the Royal Society building (entry via 8 La Trobe Street Melbourne). RSV lectures are open to all … Continue reading

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Detectability and traits of plants

If you’ve seen previous posts, you would realise that I am interested in the topic of imperfect detectability in field surveys. I’m interested in what influences detectability, how to account for it in analyses, and what it means when designing … Continue reading

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Tuesday at #ESA2012

Here is my post about Tuesday at ESA 2012. My first stop was the session run by Ben Bolker (one of the people I enjoyed meeting and chatting with on Monday) and Drew Tyre (another case of meeting up with … Continue reading

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Conservation triage, and how the public values species

This article was co-authored with Hugh Possingham, and originally appeared in The Conversation, where comments can be posted. At current levels of funding, it is not possible to save all threatened species in Australia from extinction. Trade-offs are required. For … Continue reading

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Proposed changes to SCB’s bylaws

The Society for Conservation Biology (SCB) is changing its bylaws. Some of the changes are minor, to clarify current practices, and to comply with laws in California where SCB is incorporated. But some changes are more substantive, so it is … Continue reading

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Blogging about blogging, and tweeting about tweeting: what I have learnt after 100 tweets

I was once extremely skeptical about social media. Look, I’ll be honest, I was more than skeptical – I thought it was a load of frivolous cow poo. Twitter was part of the problem. The name hardly gives a sense … Continue reading

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Use confidence intervals to avoid the dance of the p-values

Geoff Cumming has written a great article in The Conversation about problems with using p-values for determining importance when using statistics. He recommends focusing on measuring effect sizes by using confidence intervals. It is well worth reading, but you should … Continue reading

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L’Oréal Australia and New Zealand For Women in Science Fellowships 2012

Applications for the 2012 L’Oréal Australia and New Zealand For Women in Science Fellowships are now open. The three $25,000 Fellowships are intended to help early career women scientists consolidate their careers and rise to leadership positions in science. The … Continue reading

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Women in Science

Career prospects of women in science have certainly improved in Australia compared with about 50 years ago when promising female faculty members were required to retire when they married. Overt discrimination such as this is largely a thing of the … Continue reading

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