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Writing concisely about indices of extinction risk

Edit: An updated version of the paper mentioned in this post is available at bioRxiv: http://dx.doi.org/10.1101/000760 (and now it is published: http://dx.doi.org/10.1111/cobi.12308) A post on the joys of editing science. For three years I have worked on a paper in … Continue reading

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INTECOL talk, #INT13

I’m talking in the S11 Maths, Models & Methods session at INTECOL on Tuesday at 11:15 in room 4. The topic is “Developing biodiversity indices using models”. A copy of the slides is available here. I’ll also auto-tweet a little … Continue reading

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Building resilient ecosystems

Andrew Bennett and Dale Nimmo are hosting a forum on resilience at Deakin University on 12th April. The flyer for the event is here. Registration is essential if you wish to attend (see the flyer). The forum is titled “Building … Continue reading

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An index of gravity, ecology style

Update (13 Nov 2014): Relevant to this is a paper that has just been published in which we show how indices of extinction risk can be developed from models of population dynamics. Following some editing, I have turned a previous … Continue reading

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Indices behaving badly

I have been thinking about indices in ecology and environmental science lately, partly because of concerns about the SAFE index. Indices are used for environmental monitoring, setting management priorities, and evaluating management actions. They are also found in basic ecology … Continue reading

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