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Biodiversity management and unplanned fires

Edit: Missed my seminar? You can listen to a recording with a copy of the slides: http://unimelb.adobeconnect.com/p913xeq1mjx/ I’m doing a seminar today at Creswick on fire and biodiversity (9:30 a.m., Melbourne time). My talk will discuss unplanned fires, how their … Continue reading


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Effects of stand age on fire severity

Our new paper shows that the probability of crown fire in mountain forests under extreme weather conditions is greatest when trees are about 15 years old. This has implications for debates about how timber harvesting influences the risk of fire. … Continue reading

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Planning for unplanned fires, and the response of biodiversity

There is a report in today’s Age about the decline of Leadbeater’s possum in the face of fires and timber harvesting. Professor David Lindenmayer of the Australian National University notes that the situation is dire, and that timber harvesting should … Continue reading

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