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Joint Species Distribution Models

Update: The paper is now available (free) from Methods in Ecology and Evolution. Update 2: In the tutorial on how to use this method, we refer to the file “fit.JSDM.r”. This is the R script on the journal website named, … Continue reading

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Statistical inference in ecology

Update: a pdf of an updated version of this chapter is available here. If this post had a single take-home message, it would be this: whatever statistical method you use, make sure that you use and report it appropriately. I’m … Continue reading

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Nate Silver would be more of a guru if Romney wins Florida

Nate Silver is a prediction guru (or perhaps a witch). He compiles data from polling results, that he weights by sample size and measures of historical reliability, to predict the winner of the US presidential election. He calculates the probability … Continue reading

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Building Bayesian networks

Ever wondered what a Bayesian network is, and how to build one? Well, Ann Nicholson has provided a place to get started, with a post about how to model with Bayesian networks. The post includes a simple ecological example, and … Continue reading

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