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Batman By-Election 2018

It’s on in Batman. And the result might well depend on what happens north of the Hipster-proof Fence, a term coined (by my wife) to help describe the voting patterns that flipped in the vicinity of Bell St. With David … Continue reading

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When does research help environmental management?

Think of the case where a manager needs to decide which action to take to stop a species  declining, or to eradicate a pest, or to increase sustainable harvest levels. It is rare in environmental management to know, with certainty, … Continue reading

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The Ideas Boom goes bust

He had just about everyone on their feet. The mood at the Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science was upbeat. We’d been treated to a stellar array of talent – science that could clearly lead to economic windfalls, science to help … Continue reading

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Thursday at #ESA2012 – well, almost

My undergraduate degree was in Forest Science, so I have known the Pacific Northwest via journal articles and texts for about a quarter of the century. But this trip to ESA2012 was the first time I have been here. So, … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Michael McCarthy's Teaching:
Monitoring plays an important role in environmental management. Ideally, our monitoring will be both precise and accurate. However, the natural environment is variable and only partly observable, so monitoring data collected using typical…

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Biodiversity for Australia Day

It’s Australia Day. The newspapers are full of articles about what it means to be Australian. Which is rather odd, because with more than 20 million of us, there are more than 20 million opinions about this. Sometimes I wonder, … Continue reading

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