SpotOnLondon 2012 #solo12WIS

Please read my new post associated with the SpotOn London 2012 event: Women in science – Improving visibility of female scientists online and offline. In the post, I describe how social media can help you find things out, make connections, and have an influence far beyond what could be achieved via physical travel. The irony is, of course, that most people reading the post already know this, and are actively engaged in online communication.

However, women tend to be under-represented online, so the aim here is to encourage more women to contribute to the online world of science. There is a synergy here – a greater online presence will help in the offline world too by raising the profile of female scientists, and helping break the stereotypes of scientists. And there is a real risk that if female scientists are not equitably represented online, they will face further unfair discrimination, especially as the influence of online communication increases.

So, please encourage the female scientists that you know to get online. There are real advantages for them.


About Michael McCarthy

I conduct research on environmental decision making and quantitative ecology. My teaching is mainly at post-grad level at The University of Melbourne.
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