Building resilient ecosystems

Andrew Bennett and Dale Nimmo are hosting a forum on resilience at Deakin University on 12th April. The flyer for the event is here. Registration is essential if you wish to attend (see the flyer).

The forum is titled “Building resilient ecosystems in Victoria: what is our vision and how can we achieve it?” It aims to bring together people with different viewpoints to discuss topics such as:

What do we mean by a ‘resilient ecosystem’?
What makes an ecosystem more, or less, resilient?
Are there useful indicators of resilience?
How do we incorporate resilience in long-term goals for conservation?

Speakers and topics include:

James Todd (DSE): Incorporating resilience thinking in planning and decision making
Karen Alexander: Building resilience: what does the community need from scientists?
Assoc Prof Mick McCarthy: Indicators of resilience for managing fire mosaics
Dr John Morgan: Understanding change in vegetation: state and transition models
Dr Nick Porch: Long-term change in invertebrate communities: lessons from islands
Prof Ralph Mac Nally: Incorporating resilience in future scenarios
Kate Stothers: Management actions to build resilience in changing agricultural landscapes
Dr Dale Nimmo: Testing indicators of change and resilience for woodland birds
Prof Sam Lake: Disturbance and recovery in freshwater systems
Dr Rebecca Lester: Long-term planning for the Coorong using scenarios
Dr Graeme Newell: Tools and data sets for long-term planning and conservation in Victoria

For further information: Andrew Bennett ( or Dale Nimmo (

About Michael McCarthy

I conduct research on environmental decision making and quantitative ecology. My teaching is mainly at post-grad level at The University of Melbourne.
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