Cattle grazing in the Alpine National Park stopped by the EPBC Act

The federal environment minister, Tony Burke, today announced that the proposed cattle-grazing by the Victoria government in the Alpine National Park would not be permitted under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act. This has been reported in numerous publications today, including The Age. More details about reasons for the decision are found on the federal government website.

The decision is not surprising. As I noted in a previous post, the referral by the Victorian government identified several cases where the cattle grazing would pose high and very high risks to nationally-listed species, and the unspecified management actions were not expected to reduce that risk. The minister noted the long-standing body of research that documents adverse impacts of cattle grazing on many threatened species. In these circumstances, it appeared impossible for the minister to approve the cattle grazing under the EPBC Act.

Hopefully we can all move on to think about how to manage fire risks in Victoria appropriately, and how to manage the Alpine National Park better.

About Michael McCarthy

I conduct research on environmental decision making and quantitative ecology. My teaching is mainly at post-grad level at The University of Melbourne.
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